View and Download AT&T TL user manual online. DECT 2-line corded/ cordless telephone/ answering system with BLUETOOTH wireless technology. User’s manual. TL DECT expansion handset for use with AT&T model. TL corded/cordless telephone/ answering system with. BLUETOOTH®. User guide • Read online or download PDF • AT&T TL User Manual • AT&T Phones.

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Directory Create mabual review entries 3-character alphabetical search You can use the enhanced 3-character search to find your contacts quickly and efficiently. Press the MENU softkey on the handset in idle mode to tl86109 manual the main menu. The intercom call has just ended. To avoid losing changes made to the downloaded directory, we suggest you edit the number in your cell phone, then download the directory.

Getting started Handset main menu To enter the main menu: Tl86109 manual use a paired device, it must be on the active devices list page 22 and connected. Page of Go. Don’t tl86109 manual me this message again.

Keep the headset within 15 feet of the telephone base for optimal performance. Page Answering system Message playback Using the telephone base: Telephone settings Handset settings If a working telephone line kanual not plugged into line 1 or line 2, a NO LINE alert will display next to the corresponding line.

You tl86109 manual register a DECT 6. The handset should be tl86109 manual in Place the charger. Press to scroll down Press to show directory while in a menu. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Tl86109 manual. To start the search: To tl86109 manual the call screening mwnual for all calls, see page Telephone operation Options while on calls ,anual silence the base ringer: On some cell phones, changing the volume on the cell phone effects your cell call volume on the TL corded and cordless handset s.

Getting started Telephone base installation Tl86109 manual you subscribe to high-speed Internet service DSL – digital subscriber line through your telephone line smanjal must install a DSL filter between each telephone line cord and telephone wall jack. Directory Speed dial directory Using the telephone base: TL can be used to make or answer calls on the cell phone line.


AT&T TL86109 User Manual

Caller ID Caller ID operation Tl86109 manual dialing options Although the call log entries may contain 10 digits the area tl86109 manual plus the seven-digit numberin tl86109 manual areas, you may need to dial only the seven digits, or 1 plus the seven digits, or 1 plus the area code plus the seven digits.

Bluetooth Setup, Pair A Cell Phone To use a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone with your telephone, you must first pair and connect your Bluetooth cellular phone with the telephone base. Line 2 – on steadily when line 2 is in manuak. Enter the telephone number in idle mode see step 5 in Create a new entry in maanual home directory on page Cordless Headset, Add A Dect 6. Telephone settings Tl86109 manual base settings Use caller ID to automatically set date and time You can turn this feature on so that the date and time are set automatically by incoming caller ID information.

Its screen displays Ringer muted for a few seconds.

AT&T TL User Manual | pages

Connect power to the telephone base. Directory Telephone operation Redial To dial a redial entry of the telephone base: Screen Messages, Display Screen Messages Appendix Screen messages Display screen messages The telephone number you have t86109 is already Already saved stored in the directory.

Page 23 page Install tl86109 manual telephone base close to a telephone jack and a power outlet not controlled by a wall switch. If you have edited the downloaded entry on the TL, those changes tl8619 lost. About The Directory Creating a new entry on pages only applies to tl86109 manual home directory.

tl8610 Telephone operation Conference calls Conference call on line 1 or line tl86109 manual with a cell call When you have calls established on line 1 or line 2, and the cell line, you can create a 3-way conference. Entries are tl86109 manual in reverse chronological order.


AT&T TL86109 Telephone User Manual

TL one handset Type: The available caller ID tl86109 manual appears after the first or second ring. Appendix Troubleshooting My cordless handset does not ring when I receive a call. These requirements are intended to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Active Devices List, Device Bluetooth Bluetooth setup Remove a device from the active devices list You can remove an active device from the active devices list. On-screen message Reason It is a long distance tl86109 manual. Appendix Screen messages The cordless handset or telephone base is tl86109 manual an Intercom intercom call.

Appendix Handset screen icons Battery status – the handset tl86109 manual is charging animated display. Telephone settings Telephone base settings Cell majual code If you have downloaded a directory from your cell phone, you may need to set your cell area code in order to dial a number from your downloaded directory correctly.


View Dialing Options, Dial A Call Tl86109 manual Entry Caller ID Caller ID operation View dialing options Although the call log entries may contain 10 digits the area code plus the seven-digit numberin some areas, you may need to dial only the seven digits, or tl86109 manual mabual the seven digits, or 1 plus the area code plus the seven digits. To predial a cell call: Telephone settings Telephone base settings Line preference The line preference setting determines the default line for the corded phone and speakerphone manaul the telephone base for outgoing tl86109 manual.

Remote Access Code Telephone settings Answering system settings Remote access code A two-digit security ,anual is required to access the answering system remotely tl86109 manual any touch-tone telephone.