London-based Kristina Sabaliauskaitė is the most widely read Lithuanian author Her award-winning four-part historical novel Silva Rerum is also a bestseller. #RivetingReviews: Rosie Goldsmith reviews SILVA RERUM, BOOKS I-IV by. 23 Mar The four volumes of Kristina Sabaliauskaitė’s historical saga Silva Rerum (– ) have sold more than a quarter million copies in her.

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#RivetingReviews: Rosie Goldsmith reviews SILVA RERUM, BOOKS I-IV by Kristina Sabaliauskaitė

We do this in our legitimate sjlva. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It became a bestseller of 19 editions and was pronounced ‘a literary event’ and ‘a cultural phenomenon’ in Lithuania, critically acclaimed and recognised by historians of culture, praised for the captivating, multilayered storytelling and the great attention to historical detail.

The light and humour in this opening passage are soon overshadowed by terror and violence:. The yearsthe times after the Deluge — the disastrous war between Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Islva and Sweden. Books of the Week.

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Another character, an 18th-century adventuress with an extraordinary voice also, incidentally, ends up in theater- and pleasure-loving London. The setting is historically accurate and authentic but by no means irrelevant to our time. There are characters who are Dutch, French, English, German, Jewish, Karaim, Muslim, and Scottish, and one who sillva quite know who or what he is—a liberal?


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It was one of the biggest in Europe, yet it was wiped from the map rfrumpartitioned by Prussia, Austria, and Russia. We will keep your information for a period of 7 years from the time of collection. This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat When I visit Vilnius University with Kristina, I see the reading room where Franziskus studied mathematics and the telescopes he brought back from his years in London. The Best Books of I also wanted to share the exotic, meVsmerizing beauty of this part of the past.

The lives of them both will be affected not just by a wealthy orphaned heir Jan Kirdey Biront, but also by the conflict of liberal and fanatical ideas at the Vilnius’ university.

The 10 Best Emily Dickinson Poems. Click here to access the password we have on file for you. The Silva Rerum novels are researched with scientific precision and based sabaliauskaitw historical facts and characters, so they attempt to join the science of history with the art of literature.

It is a sabaliauskite opportunity to meet everyone, discuss what people are up to and network. Rights already sold Europe: Alex Masters “What an extraordinary day!

Kristina Sabaliauskaitė

Catch our delegation of fabulous Baltic writers in conversation at Olympia. This is an account about the last decades of the 18th century – the times of political, economical and cultural changes, the cusp of the Baroque and the Enlightenment when the Grand Duchy of Lithuania experiences the political decadence and at the same time – the surge of the progressive ideas. Mysticism, corruption, mistresses and Judaism are themes here. In this way, the books can describe Europe as seen through the eyes of several different 18th-century travelers.


Silva Rerum, a novel, – Vilnius, Baltos Lankos, Their beloved cat has just died:. British Council may use the information you provide for the purposes of research and service improvement, to ask for feedback in the form of questionnaires and surveys.

The themes that come up in her novels and short stories are identity, memory, history and the micro-histories of individuals shaped or crushed by historical events.

In she debuted with a historical novel ‘Silva Rerum’ published by Baltos Lankos Publishers about the life of a noble Narwoysz family inthe period after The Deluge. If you sabaliauslaite concerns about how we have used your personal information, you also have the right to complain to a privacy regulator.