13 Jun This PPM application MarketScope represents the evolution of the “Magic. Quadrant for IT Project and Portfolio Management” into. 31 May Daptiv PPM is a flexible SaaS project portfolio application that provides top-down Gartner Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management. 7 Jun Gartner Magic Quadrant For IT Project And Portfolio Management Software Applications News Archive again receives “strong positive” rating in Gartner’s IT Project and Portfolio Management MarketScope Report.

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Genius Inside is one of a few rare providers also supporting IBM Domino and DB2 as the back-end database for PPM, while offering customers marketscope for project and portfolio management applications good set of core functions at cost-competitive prices.

Sweet spot IT PPM implementations are designed first to support high levels of investment, program and project planning; resource capacity planning; and financial planning and tracking. Balancing complexity and capability of the PPM software product with ease of use. I really appreciate information shared above. Version 6, coming later this year or early next year, will be focused increasingly on support for agile development work environments. HP and its partners offer several fast implementation and usage alternatives.

Saurabh Srivastava MaxMunus E-mail: In addition to a number of resources at our disposal, customer testimony from a variety of sources — including but not limited to daily inquiry and customer reference calls — as well as interviews and conversations at events, such as Symposium and PPM Summits, will be used portdolio determine track record and level of responsiveness of the provider.

If your project environment does not fit well into the typical per-named-user pricing model found in the PPM market, then Sciforma’s token-based pricing model offers an alternative porftolio arrangement that may support your needs. Execution-level IT PPM customers are mainly interested in enhancing the data marketscope for project and portfolio management applications, collaboration and communication between project managers and team members in a project environment.

For the execution-level IT PPM customer, project portfolio reporting services can be the “shiny objects” that convince management of the value in automating execution-level processes. For Demo Contact us. Augeo Software provides an execution-level PPM system called Augeo6, which includes portfolios and dashboard reports for project monitoring, capacity planning and risk management, with drill-down and navigation into project details.

Existing SAP customers can automate many IT PPM processes related to shepherding capital and operational IT project costs into back-office financial management applications and, ultimately, to a general ledger. Demand for IT PPM applications has not wavered in more than 13 years, but, rather, increased exponentially over the past 10 years. Iterative, agile development of product.

Press Release

Pricing varies among Positive-rated providers. The future development of or continued nurturing of a cloud-hosted deployment option for customers may be part of their vision, marektscope in some cases, the cloud-based IT PPM strategy and resulting product innovations might be relatively thin, with either little prpject no current offering available to the general public.

High marks for an excellent track record of successful implementations. Although there are almost always some limited exceptions to this fact, offering and securing multiyear contracts is the standard business practice by providers in this MarketScope. These providers predominantly marketscope for project and portfolio management applications multiyear contracts marketscope for project and portfolio management applications their software andd services.

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Augeo6 now includes SaaS deployment as an option for customers and prospects. Business intelligence features are provided through a QlikView reports library. Implementation times take anywhere from three months to a full year marketscops involve the setup and configuration of a dedicated instance of the software.

Some of the providers offer a cost-effective on-premises or traditional hosted installation, whereas others might be premium-priced similar to the pricing of Strong Positive providers included in this MarketScope. Although most IT PPM providers do not have fully supported integration of PPM processes with agile development processes to allow a developer to “stay put” when working on agile activities those with PPM reporting implicationsap;lications is a growing trend to provide preconfigured IT PPM applications supporting collaboration, communication and project portfolio-level reporting for agile development.

Cardinis Solutions is a small provider compared with a number of others in this research, and most of its business is done in Italy with Italian companies. The soundness and logic of the provider’s underlying business proposition. Prospects should expect to engage in long-term investments with these providers because their products are robust, but, at times, can also be complex.

Handling of migration marketscope for project and portfolio management applications design of any migration paths for existing customers when support for older versions is discontinued.

Average deal sizes for these providers range managwment through users per deal, but can easily scale up to as high as thousands of users. Some Promising-rated providers included in this research may also only currently support customers in specific regions of the world.

As a result, the providers can pass on to the customers some upfront cost savings in choosing cloud-hosted over on-premises deployment of their applications without customers giving up full control of their IT PPM instances. Other improvements include a redesigned interface for cost data entry, tracking of project record changes and user logins and logouts, “workspaces” that marketscoep user- and role-defined, drag-and-drop assignment of resources and resulting utilization views to show overallocation, a project tree to help users navigate to specific projects, an filtering, and improved user interface and design.

Internal consulting services, SaaS marketscope for project and portfolio management applications, Web-based training modules, and local and global partnerships with small and large consultancies are all designed to offset the complexity of the implementing, administering, and using the product. The Cardinis Suite provides customers with an underlying framework to build out work breakdown marketscope for project and portfolio management applications WBS -level details of IT programs and projects at a cost-effective price.

Internal IT departments choose SAP PPM regularly to manage higher levels of planning and execution, rather than the lower levels of work activity occurring day in and day out. Project InVision includes functionality supporting project and resource management, while also leveraging reporting services to create project, project portfolio and resource utilization views.

Project InVision may be smaller compared to many others included in this research.

MarketScope for IT Project and Portfolio Management Software Applications

Strategy and resulting track record for migrating customers off older releases and onto more recent, up-to-date versions of the product will also be measured.

It is an independent platform for planning and decision making that can employ what-if scenario generation and comparison, and receive direct feeds from reliable third-party systems of record and data sources.

In a similar manner, it is extremely makretscope to identify and manage stakeholders. Additionally, cloud-based IT PPM service providers do not typically provide enough flexibility to allow customers to physically marketscope for project and portfolio management applications an IT PPM software instance in-house or out to a server farm when they deem it appropriate to do so.


The provider’s approach to product development and delivery that emphasizes differentiation, functionality, methodology and feature sets as they map to current and future requirements. Responsiveness of marketscope for project and portfolio management applications to customer issues with product and service. Ability of the provider to understand buyers’ wants and needs and to translate those into products and services.

The configuration, though, stops short of forcing them to zpplications their project schedules at detailed levels in the system every day.

MarketScope for IT Project and Portfolio Management Software Applications

IT PPM providers are focused on delivering three main mobile capabilities to their customers early:. They are, however, marketscope for project and portfolio management applications to report aggregate information about their projects at a certain level of frequency and detail directly into records kept in the IT project-portfolio level system. Planview has enjoyed longevity in the marketplace as an independent PPM provider operating in the space and has a favorable track record.

Your PPM solution can be maximized as your PMO matures, and configured to support the tracking and delivery of waterfall and agile projects across multiple teams and processes. Key improvements to the product from July to date include a full update of the user interface; the ability for different groups using the product marketscopee classify and view demand data in the unit of their choice for example, hours, days or full-time equivalents ; additional browser support such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome flr Safari for Mac ; enhanced e-learning and context-sensitive help features; an OEM partnership with IBM for IBM Analytics integration with Changepoint; improvements to its mobile capability tablet support for dashboards and reporting, and expense management ; added project management features, such as an interactive Gantt chart via their project worksheet; expense management additions, such as expense attachments and an offline Excel based template; and a partnership with Intelledox for dynamic form and document generation within Changepoint.

At the highest portfolio levels, they could provide a way to support point-in-time and emergent needs among portfolio managers and business leaders to communicate.

Consumers should expect slow, but continued and incremental, mobile support to appear in their respective IT PPM products of choice over time, with HTML5 being the main vehicle for delivering it. By either introducing a cloud-hosted option for the first time, or by enhancing and innovating their marketscope for project and portfolio management applications hosting model to support a more modern cloud-hosted deployment, these providers can offer a more robust instance of their IT PPM application set to customers at a seemingly more cost-effective price than on-premises deployment, without forcing the customer to sacrifice the full control they want to have over their instance.

I also authorize Changepoint to pass my information to its channel partners for these purposes. To use it for marketscopw IT PPM marketscope for project and portfolio management applications a regular basis, customers will need to first determine whether the activity tracking required between the start and end dates priject their internal IT projects warrants the use of P6 EPPM.