as a guide only – please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. ECC85 Ratings. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. ECC85 Datasheet PDF Download – Double Triode, ECC85 data sheet.

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Retrieved May 30, Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum. Pro Electron maintained a subset of the M-P system dataheet their establishment inwith only the first letters EP for datasheeet heater, only the second letters ABCDEFHKLMYZ for the type, and issuing only three-digit numbers starting with 123589 for the base.

One system prefixes a three-digit number with the letters “VT”, presumably meaning “Vacuum Tube”. Retrieved 14 December Retrieved 4 March The Bell system technical journal. The system consisted of one letter followed by vatasheet or 4 digits.

Golden Middle: datasheets of NOS vacuum tubes

Die Schaltungstechnik der Vorstufe und deren verschiedenen Schaltungen. Vacuum tubes Electronics lists Gas-filled tubes. For transmitting tubes in this system, the second element starts with a hyphen, a sequentially assigned number, then a optional letter specifying cooling method. Retrieved 1 May Archived from the original PDF on 29 December Cumings 8 June Retrieved 5 October Retrieved 9 February Light bulbs since under the Belgian Mazda brand Electronic tubes since under the Adzam “Mazda” spelled backwards brand [20].


A letter may be attached to designate water cooling no letter designates a radiation cooled device. Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik desv was the brand of a group of telecommunications manufacturers in the German Democratic Republic.

(PDF) ECC85 Datasheet download

Collection of Marco Lagendijk NL. Text in other languages may differ. Media related to Soviet vacuum tubes at Wikimedia Commons. Like the British military system, these have many direct equivalents in the civilian types. The coding for vacuum devices differs between Philips datashret other Continental European manufacturers on the one hand and its Mullard subsidiary on the other.

Only a few types are still used today, mainly in high-power, high-frequency applications. Retrieved 31 January Retrieved 25 December Retrieved 14 January Media related to Valvo vacuum tubes at Wikimedia Datasheett.

Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets

Philips sold a family of mA series heater tubes under this letter in South America: Many industrial, military or otherwise professional tubes were also produced. The fourth element denotes the type of envelope.

In some valve part number series, the voltage class of the heater is given in the part number, and a similar valve might be available with several different heater voltage ratings.


The designation consists of a group of three letters and a group of three or four digits.

Collection of Werner Wussow D. Retrieved 17 April Literature “Telefunken Laborbuch Band 1 Taschenbuch hellblau “. Collection of Ulrich Fieseler D. Collection of Jacob Roschy D. The following letter indicates the photocathode type:.

Collection of Franco Antolini I.

ECC85/6H1P/6N1P Suppliers

Later special-quality tubes had not base and function swapped but were assigned a 4-digit number, [8] such as ECC or ED, the first digit of which again denoting the base:. Better, often dual, getters were implemented to maintain a better vacuum, and more-rigid electrode supports introduced to reduce microphonics and improve vibration and shock resistance.

This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valvesand low-pressure gas-filled tubesor discharge tubes. Retrieved 8 March Collection of Dennis Jaroschek D. Not to be confused with Compagnie des Lampessee above nor with British Mazda see above. There is another designation system for professional tubes such as transmitter ones.

The shield was connected to the cathode.