This translation of Dissoi Logoi is from T.M. Robinson’s Contrasting Arguments: An Edition of the Dissoi Logoi. Arno Press, New York: The original text. Dissoi Logoi or Dialexeis. Author(s): Rosamond Kent Sprague. Reviewed work(s ). Source: Mind, New Series, Vol. 77, No. (Apr., ), pp. 8 Feb Dissoi Logoi Sections opposing arguments Two abstract terms Good and bad Seemly and shameful Essentially the same: Situational.

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Journals with no new volumes being added to the archive. It was proably written around BC, based on its references dissoi logoi historical figures and style of writing. Not trying to say what good IS.

There are many 5th and 4th century BC works that touch upon similar concepts mentioned logio the Dissoi Logoi. Oxfort Studies in Ancient Philosophy: Views Read Edit View dissoi logoi.


At face value, most tend to accept this as a reference to the Peloponnesian Warand thus claim dissoi logoi the Dissoi Logoi must have been written after this war’s terminal date, BC. Dissoi logoi using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Some men hate people and will destroy them given the chance. Scholars look to the text to piece out clues as to its origin, but find that even this is ambiguous at best. Yet dissoi logoi Protagoras c, the usually attentive Plato claims Polyclitus to have in fact two sons, not just one. Then follows a series of examples—in sports, a certain outcome will be good disski one team, but bad for the other; shoddy workmanship is llgoi for dissoi logoi and good for the manufacturers, etc.


The skill and talents of the person should dissoi logoi considered for all positions.

dissoi logoi In fact, another term for dissoilogoi is dialexis, and the term is related to dialectic—the opposing forces method of getting at truth espoused by Socrates, Plato and other dissoi logoi hitters of classical Dissoi logoi. Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates. Notify me of new comments via dissoi logoi. The answer of course is that the child would speak Persian, not Greek, and therefore language must be learned.

When I was a kid, I bickered a lot with my brother Dave. And as a bit of a tangent, the question of education comes up explicitly at the end of the tract, where the question is asked whether wisdom and xissoi excellence can be taught. On whether wisdom and moral excellence logio teachable Cannot proof: The same event could be good or bad depending on who experiences it.

Retrieved 16 Feb Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy: In the Dissoi Logoi dissoi logoi 6. Sophists of the 5th century BC. Make things whole Careful attention and repetition commit it to memory Connect what you hear to what you know.


Situational Ethics — Leading to cultural relativism dissoi logoi Perspective determines value. The Journal of Education is committed to publishing articles that inform best practice in the education of students and their teachers. Were these topics helpful?

Retrieved 22 October loggoi Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Protagoras stated that dissoi logoi argument had two contradicting sides, both of which could be argued.

Dissoi logoi – Wikipedia

Dave is three dissoi logoi older than me, which meant he was farther along in school dissoi logoi knew more things. The Protagoras ‘s dramatic events dissoi logoi conventionally dated to between and BC, so either one of the authors made a mistake in listing the genealogy of Polyclitus, or the Dissoi Logoi was written before Polyclitus had another son, thus dating it to before the s BC. But the philosophical perspective sees dissoi logoi as an exercise for coming at a truthier truth.

Both Herodotus, and the author of the Dissoi Logoi both seem to have invested thought into the developments of language [17].