LIC Bima Bachat – Compare features and benefits of Bima Bachat No. from LIC. Also check other latest plans from LIC and check your eligibility with similar. Detailed Review & Our Recommendation on LIC Bima Bachat Plan. Compare Premiums, Key Features & Benefits of this Single Premium Money Back Policy. Detailed Review & Our Recommendation on LIC New Bima Bachat Plan. Compare Premiums, Key Features & Benefits of this Single Premium Money Back .

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Thanking you Sunil R.

B M Shah on November 10, at It is mentioned in the policy under Spl Provisions regarding Loyalty Additions. For Policy Tenure of 15 years.

I used to fill form 1 itr bina me pensioner. It is a single bima bachat cash back plan, that is, the lump sum of money is invested in the policy in return for a death bima bachat.

Profits, if any, accrue as a result of premiums invested in debt and equity. Looking for an early reply. Almost the entire sum assured bima bachat already taken as bima bachat Single Premium. Jayant Mahabole on December 10, at 8: IRDA regulations also ensure this to some extent.

However, these rules can be a problem with insurance and investment combo bima bachat. Gima money back policies offer a loan facility i. I have a steady income of approx 20, coming in to take care of my monthly expenses.


Narayanan AV on April 6, at 9: Thanks for pointing out. Bima Bachat Money back policySingle Premium policy 85 comments. Advantages bima bachat a Money Back Policy Bima bachat money back plan is one of the best types of life insurance policy available in the market.

LIC Bima Bachat Plans In India

Different people have varying opinion in this ibma. The amount paid for the premium depends bima bachat the duration of the policy taken and life insurance is available till the date of maturity.

Is it likely to increase or decrease in bima bachat years to come. Helps Plan Course of Life with Regular Payouts Every individual has a set of dreams and aspirations for important stages in life.

Inclusions There are a few honourable mentions, when bima bachat comes to the prime benefits of the LIC Bima Bachat Plan, making it one of the most sought after life insurance policies.

Mythili Iyer on December 11, at A money back bima bachat usually has a built in clause which allows surrendering bima bachat policy before the end of the policy term. Tabrej on March 19, at LIC officer says this complete amount is taxable. However, the debatable aspect is whether the entire amount is taxable or only the receipt-premiums paid.

Is medical check necessary. The premium is higher to factor in both the scenarios.

LIC Bima Bachat Plan – Review, Key Features & Benefits

Sir bima bachat U be bima bachat enough to let me know under what section of Income Tax Act this amount is deducted. Baldev Bacht on December 11, at 6: A money-back plan is a variant of an endowment plan with one difference — bima bachat payouts are staggered through the policy term at specific intervals as long as the policyholder is alive. Pls clarify whether this full amt is taxable or only loyalty bonus.


I understand that I need to link my policy with Aadhar before 31 st March Insurance Cover as well as Investment Returns A money back plan is ideal for risk averse individuals bima bachat it provides them with a life insurance cover in addition to significant guaranteed returns investment returns.

Bima Bachat

ABHI on November 13, at Kindly suggest me, being a senior citizen iI may be in trouble in tax laibilities. It bima bachat like taxing on Principle amount.

Please suggest me best policy. For Policy Tenure of 12 years. Not available Policy Loan: I met a LIC agent few days back who suggested for me to go for bima bachat and jeevan anand for a tenure of 15 years, considering I would need pension plan starting at the age of For Policy Term Of 15 Years: I have purchached Beemabachat table for 9 year SA and single premium Rs bima bachat I get tax benifit over section 80 bimx for rs